As a Ukrainian refugee in the Netherlands you are entitled to a living allowance. Laborijn provides the allowance for the municipalities of Doetinchem and Aalten. Do you, as a Ukrainian refugee, live in the municipality of Doetinchem or Aalten? Then you can apply for a living allowance at Laborijn.

The amount of the living allowance

The amount for food depends on the size of your family. The more people in your family, the lower the amount per person. The amount for clothing and personal expenses is € 60,71 per person per month. Are you taken care of privately, for example by a host family? Then you will also receive an extra housing allowance of € 80,91 per person per month.

In the table below you will find the amount of the living allowance per month from 1 October 2023:

Size of family

Eating allowance


Extra allowance for private care

1 or 2 persons

Adult or unaccompanied minor


€ 242,48

€ 200,56

€ 60,71

€ 60,71

€ 80,91

€ 80,91

3 persons



€ 193,98

€ 160,64

€ 60,71

€ 60,71

€ 80,91

€ 80,91

4 or more persons



€ 169,74

€ 140,34

€ 60,71

€ 60,71

€ 80,91

€ 80,91

Work and living allowance

If someone aged 18 years or older works or starts working, the living allowance of the whole family will be stopped from now on. This also happens if someone aged 18 or older receives a benefit from the Dutch government, for example unemployment benefit or a disability benefit.

Apply for an allowance

To make an application, fill in a short application form.

Click here to go to the application form in Dutch and Ukrainian

You may e-mail the completed form to or send it by post to:

Postbus 236
7000 AE Doetinchem

The application will be processed as soon as Laborijn has received a completed application form including a copy of the proof of identity.


BRP registration and opening a bank account

To receive the allowance it is necessary to register in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). You also need a bank account.

Registration BRP

If you are staying in the Netherlands as a Ukrainian refugee, you must register in the Personal Records Database (BRP). You will then receive a citizen service number (BSN). Check the website of the municipality of Doetinchem(externe link) (if you are staying in the municipality of Doetinchem) or the website of the municipality of Aalten(externe link) (if you are staying in the municipality of Aalten) for more information.

Bank account

In order to receive the allowance you need your own bank account. You can open a bank account at any bank in the Netherlands. On the website link) under the heading financial matters you can read more about opening an account or exchanging cash. More information can also be found at To open a bank account you need a citizen service number (BSN).

As long as you are not yet in possession of a bank account, you will receive the living money in cash or on a prepaid money card.

Notify us of changes as soon as possible

Is your situation changing? Please notify us as soon as possible. This may affect your entitlement to the living allowance.

Consider the following changes:

  • you have opened a bank account. Please provide us with your bank account number. The living allowance will then be paid monthly to your bank account
  • you are staying at a different place than you have communicated to us
  • you have a paid job
  • your family composition changes

Notify us of the change within 5 days after the change occurs, but at the latest at the end of the month in which the change took place. You can use the change form for this.

Click here to open the change form (in Dutch and Ukrainian)

Please contact us if you are not sure whether you should notify us of a change.

Click here for our contact details

Questions and answers

On the 'Questions and answers'-page we provide answers to questions you may have.

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